Prime Print is the group of companies consisting of five newspaper printing houses, situated in regions of the Russian Federation.

Prime Print brand was born at the end of 2008. Long years of successful work stand behind this rather new name, which was not familiar to everybody. Having begun its activity in Russia in 1998 from Ofsetnaya Gazetnaya Fabrika Ekaterinburg foundation, the Group has been developing constantly, increasing production value and opening new printing houses. Thus by 2007, together with their Russian partners, the Norwegians had already established five printing houses Ofsetnaya Gazetnaya Fabrika – in Ekaterinburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Voronezh and Chelyabinsk, as well as the printing house Prof-Media Print in the city of Dolgoprudnyi in the Moscow region.

By this time, due to stable and quality work, each of the printing houses had already won recognition and an unblemished reputation. Our wish to use our reputation as efficiently as possible and the value of each company and the Group’s massive opportunities as a whole was quite natural. So we came across the idea of Group rebranding in order to help the printing houses work cooperatively and together achieve results which could not possibly be reached alone. As a result a new name appeared and since 2009 the printing houses have been known by the name Prime Print.

Up to date the total number of Prime Print employees forms 465 persons. In 2008 the Group printing houses printed more that 700 Mln.copies of newspapers. The companies’ annual turnover formed about RUR 2 billion. We are working on the next Prime Print printing house foundation in Krasnodar.

Stay tuned!

Today we offer Publishers a wide range of printing products and services:

  • High quality black & white and full-color printing;
  • The widest variety of formats, volumes and colors of Editions;
  • The working cycle of maximum speed;
  • Magazine printing with stitching and coated cover;
  • Commercial and information materials inserts;
  • Single copy packing;
  • Three-knife trimmer to the needed format;
  • Promotional-informational stickers application;
  • Circulation sorting and delivery;
  • Free expert advice and customer service;
  • Specialists on-site visits to the customers;
  • Individual approach to each customer;
  • Reliability at all stages with no exception;
  • Round-the-clock service of production;
  • Secured area of the company Constant development of the company