Newspaper printing

  • We receive preprint materials via the Internet or on digital media;
  • Printing on newsprint and offset paper with
    42 to 60 g/m2 paper weight;
  • 1+1, 2+2, 4+4 printing;
  • Main formats: A2 (400x578 mm), A3 (289x400 mm), A4 (210x289 mm);
  • Odd-sized formats printing;
  • Section volume:
    • Up to 32 pages of A2 (step of 2 pages)
    • Up to 64 pages of A3 (step of 4 pages)
    • Up to 128 pages of A4 (step of 8 pages)
  • Amount of color pages in a section:
    • Up to 16 pages of A2
    • Up to 32 pages of A3
    • Up to 64 pages of A4
  • Wide range of volumes and colors;
  • Printing speed up to 70,000 copies per hour.

Saddle Stitcher binding

  • Folding up to A5 format and section binding;
  • Batching up to 4 blocks (sections)
    + 1 sheet cover to the united section;
  • United section binding;
  • Three-knife trimmer up to the needed format;
  • The maximum trim format 300x470 mm;
  • The minimum trim format 85x146mm;
  • Speed up to 10,000 copies/hour.


  • Inserting or pasting of informational, promotional
    and other materials to printed newspapers;
  • Thick newspapers’ batching into several sections;
  • Printed circulations’ sorting on the basis of distribution information;
  • Packaging standards according to newspapers’ features;
  • Printed editions’ packaging into polypropylene film with heat setting;
  • Package strapping by strong polymeric tape;
  • Temporary storage and pallet shipping;
  • Circulation delivery to post-offices and retail agencies.

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Today we offer Publishers a wide range of printing products and services:

  • High quality black & white and full-color printing;
  • The widest variety of formats, volumes and colors of Editions;
  • The working cycle of maximum speed;
  • Magazine printing with stitching and coated cover;
  • Commercial and information materials inserts;
  • Single copy packing;
  • Three-knife trimmer to the needed format;
  • Promotional-informational stickers application;
  • Circulation sorting and delivery;
  • Free expert advice and customer service;
  • Specialists on-site visits to the customers;
  • Individual approach to each customer;
  • Reliability at all stages with no exception;
  • Round-the-clock service of production;
  • Secured area of the company Constant development of the company