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Holding News Media

News Media holding and editions Izvestia, Zhizn, Tvoy Den thank group of companies Prime Print for excellent work! Printed editions image in the readers’ and advertisers’ eyes is strengthened by quality printing and timely publication. Exactly these indices are most remarkable for News Media holding when we choose a printing house as our partner. Holding editions have been printed in all printing houses of Prime Print group for a long time. Prime Print printing houses are extensively developing, modernizing and improving production technologies year upon year, firstly taking into account customers’ demands. In its turn, it allows us offer new, unknown possibilities to actively changing market. Together we survived in difficult for printing community times, together we continue going forward in spite of everything. The group specialists regard our wishes, references, fancies with favor, settling all problems efficiently, high-quality and convenient for us. From the bottom of our heart we wish our friends to keep the chosen way, stay leaders in their business as long as possible. We would like to express our deepest satisfaction with all Prime Print printing houses work! Dear friends, keep it up!

Holding News Media

Спид инфо

On behalf of the Publishing House Speed-Info we would like to express our gratitude to CJSC Prime Print Moscow for professionalism, efficiency and high quality of our newspapers printing. Creative approach, wide technological possibilities, high responsibility, responsiveness distinguish Prime Print Moscow from other competitors. We do hope that our further fruitful cooperation will be successfully developing and together we will carry out a lot of effective publishing projects.

ИД "Мир Новостей"

We have been working with Prime Print Moscow for several years already and the reason is not only good value for money. We can always keep quiet even in complicated situations which are quite often in publishing and printing work, that the printing house, in particular a team of professionals will settle any problem in time whether it is quality of edition, deadlines or price policy. Thank you very much for your teamwork and willingness to meet halfway. We wish further development, new interesting projects and prosperity to your business.

Best regards,
Irina Balyasina,
Product Engineer,
Publishing House Mir Novostey

Аргументы недели

Our newspaper Argumenty Nedeli has been printing in Prime Print printing houses for more than 3 years. A doubtless advantage of our partners is availability of printing companies with wide range of printing possibilities not only in Moscow, but in regions as well. The company employees win by their professionalism and strong wish to meet halfway in most complicated situations. In case of disagreements and disputes we always find a decision appropriate for either party due to understanding and flexible policy of Prime Print management. We sincerely rely on further long-term and fruitful cooperation with Prime Print staff. Argumenty Nedeli

"Новая газета"

Newspapers are sometimes lucky. It happens in three cases. When people like it, when newspaper materials don't go through readers and journalists without a trace, when newspaper is lucky with printing house. There is a particular smell in each printing house. Having smelt an issue, I'm glad to see that it has been printed in your company. It is possible to give newspapers like puppies only in good hands. We are lucky. Thank you very much to our colleagues.

Dmitry Muratov,
Editor-in-Chief, Novaya Gazeta